Cuero/Puro - Morir En Vizcaya Split 12”

Cuero/Puro - Morir En Vizcaya Split 12”

CUERO and PURO ODI0, Bilbao and Bermeo, 5 people and a split 12" titled "Morir En Vizcaya" as the latest musical assault from these Basque powerhouses shredding and pounding like there's no tomorrow. Both bands keeping it brutal and fierce with their different approaches to menacing PUNK. You already know what to expect. CUERO has mastered with finesse once again their craft of blending elements of Punk, Oi! and Hardcore with a dash of Old School Metal infused by their guitar sound. 4 tracks of epic and catchy evilness.
And speaking of evil, be aware when flipping the record, because PURO ODIO is here just to terrorize again and again the soft ears and weak souls of us mortals. Like an unstoppable funeral march ready to ruin your silly fun. 5 death sentences in the shape of songs of the highest and rawest Old School Black Metal Punk or whatever you want to call it. I don't care, just dive in and enjoy the ride. If you are a Hellhammer fan these tracks will fill you up with delight.
If not, then, too bad for you because they don't give a shit.

All wrapped in the most suitable artwork to match this sonic onslaught, done by Andoni De La Cruz.

Band(s)pic by @gaizko

Mendeku Diskak Records