Lunchmeat Zine #10 or #11

Lunchmeat Zine #10 or #11

Lunchmeat Magazine is back and jam-packed with 64 pages of VHS-obsessed content!

LUNCHMEAT #10 Features:

Reviews of radical obscurities and cult classics only available on VHS
A deep dive retrospective on THE GHOSTING
Demystifying the found footage gem GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL
Uncovering the Lost Warrior of the Rewind Era: THE ARCHER
An Exhumation and Exploration of CREEPTALES
Rolling the Bones with Low-Budget Movie Renaissance Man James L. Edwards
A Mind-Bending Account of SPLIT with director Chris Shaw
Animation from the Abyss After Dark Edition
Strange But True: Kane Hodder’s Candid Farts
Analogtising Special Edition featuring AUDIO / VIDEO PLUS
A Future Vision of the VCR: Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your VCR Alive in Modern Times
64 pages. Perfect bound. Full color front and back covers. Black and white interiors.

This is the first press limited to 1000 copies worldwide


LUNCHMEAT MAGAZINE is back with a brand new issue jam-packed with 64 pages of pure VHS-obsessed content!

LUNCHMEAT #11 Features:

Reviews of radical cult classics and obscurities only available on VHS
An in-depth interview with Mike Savino and Mark Veau about their SOV classics Attack of the Killer Refrigerator and The Hook of Woodland Heights
An incredible convo with Asbestos Felt about his experiences filming Killing Spree, Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness, and more
An illuminating interview and history with brilliant feminist filmmaker and creator of Possibly in Michigan Cecelia Condit
An all-new installment of ANALOGTISING featuring a deeper dive into the AUDIO / VIDEO PLUS archive of amazing video store promo items
Animation from the Abyss: Stop-Motion Mania
VHSealing the Deal: The Curious Phenomenon of Collecting Sealed Videocassettes
A History of Video Violence with director Gary Cohen
A Perpetual Celebration of Halloween in The Haunted World of Rich Hanf
Just Gim’me Some Action: Director John Stewart Recalls the Making-of Action U.S.A.
Pause and VHSearch with Uncle Clutch
Cracking Open the VIDEO OYSTER: A Look at VHS Collecting Culture in the 90s
It’s VHScience! Understanding Mold: The what’s, how’s, why’s, do’s and don’ts
Strange but True: The Blockbuster Kidprint Video
64 pages. Perfect Bound. Full-color covers. Black and white interiors.

This is the first press limited to 1000 copies worldwide.