New Buck Biloxi - Cellular Automaton LP

New  Buck Biloxi - Cellular Automaton LP

Buck Biloxi is back without any more Fucks to give. While he may have altered his project name, the New Orleans punk rocker thankfully hasn’t changed his signature recipe much. Cellular Automaton is an excellent slice of Biloxi’s signature minimalistic punk. On “New Band,” he shouts “I’m in a new band” ad nauseum for a minute-and-a-half over the hypnotic repetition of jagged guitar chords. He stands out as one of the few modern musicians capable of replicating the attitude that defined early punk bands like the Ramones. He gives this garage-dwelling, angst-fueled treatment to a cover of Joy Division’s “Interzone,” but Biloxi is at his best when crafting his own tunes. Songs like “Bad Future” have great sing-alongs elevated by the music’s infectious simplicity. He also incorporates some silly movie samples in between songs to humorous effect. Biloxi has a lot of fun on this album but he isn’t afraid to also touch on serious subjects. Cellular Automaton closes with “Mark Essex,” a song about the radicalized Navy veteran who died in a shootout with New Orleans police on January 7, 1973. “1-7-1973! Death to the NOPD!” shouts Biloxi in reference to the bloody event.—William Archambeault