Roughed Up - King And Council 7” on

Roughed Up - King And Council 7” on

Import from the label in Basque Country, Northern Spain.

Debut release of this new project born between both shores of the English Channel. Glammy hooks and swaggering bravado on a dark wavelength. This release goes from strength to strength like melancholic overture with venomous guitars. Really catchy and tuneful stuff perfectly balanced with raspy vocals and sharp and direct aesthetics. A true beast of no nation.

Release info:

-150 yellow vinyl copies for direct orders only.
-350 black vinyl copies (this version)

-Drums recorded at PMC Studio Plymouth (GB)
-Vocals recorded at Bonafide Studio London (GB).
-Guitars/bass recordings, mix and master at High Lake Hill Studio (BE) by Bart van Lier.

Back-cover pic by Martin Masai Andersen
Art by Trevor Taylor
Lay-out by Pablo Fernández

Mendeku Diskak Records 2022