Terre Neuve - S/T 7”

Terre Neuve - S/T 7”

Cobra Jaune Skins on the attack!
Debut release from this new band from Belgium made up by ¾ of INSTRUCTOR members swapping instruments. I was lucky enough to attend their first gig in a dirty, smelly, smokey and packed basement of a Brussels squat in December '21 when on tour with CUERO and REVERTT, and that was the perfect atmosphere to match their raw and uncompromising musical assault. This debut 7" EP contains 6 tracks of some sort of mix between abrassive mid-tempo Hardcore and negative-vibes-only Ol! with lyrics full of bitterness and angst sung in French.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by D and D at Spector Studio in Spring 2022
Art and layout by Andoni De La Cruz

Pressing info:
-319 copies in black vinyl (this version)
-163 copies in opaque blue vinyl

Records housed in 250gr rough grey cardstock jackets and 200gr rough grey cardstock printed paper bags.

Mendeku Diskak Records