Tyrant - Release The Animal 12” EP

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Tyrant - Release The Animal 12” EP

Tyrant are a band from Copenhagen, Denmark. They took hardcore, punk, and oi! and shoved them into a disc of wax. You can hear every instrument perfectly on this heavy, gritty, yet crisp sounding record. It's full of hooks, memorable choruses, and delivered with conviction. I can't stop listening to it.

This is a 12" collection of their previously released 7"'s. The two 7"'s sold out very fast. TKO Records is happy to present this collection for those who missed out—and maybe some who didn't.

400 black (this version)
100 white

1. Waste Of Flesh
2. Violence
3. Count Me Out

1. Degenerate
2. My Right
3. Makes Me Sick
4. Yes Sir