Cran - Natë LP

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Cran - Natë LP

Une Vie Pour Rien Vinyles

"CRAN is a Parisian punk band that infuses their sound with a heap of Oi! and a little bit of post-punk. The resulting sound is reminiscent of a dark VICE SQUAD, or more similarly, contemporary fellow countrymen COLLISION. The song “Ad Vitam” has a slow opening that quickly jumps into overdrive only to close out with a slow, vicious beating. The gang vocals on “L’Amour” invite a communal feel while delivering a scathing treatise on the realities of love. This album is as equally strong on instrumental technique as it is on thematic content, making it easy to play on repeat"

A1 Automne
A2 Nate
A3 Paumé
A4 Ad Vitam
B1 La Meute
B2 Un Matin De Plus
B3 La Fete
B4 L´Amour
B5 Stalingrad