Hez - Panamaniacs LP

Hez - Panamaniacs LP

Two years after their last work in 7" format and 10 years after their demo, Panama's kings of chaos and destruction are back at last with an LP in style. These raw punk maniacs bring 12 new direct and harsh cuts of his usual sound and brand; 1-2-1-2 drums, very dirty bass lines, rough and sharp guitars and Rodolfo's voice in despair full of echo effects. Less and less room for slow parts and more melody to give way to themes that are simply direct to the face, full of noisy pedal effects generating chaos and punk distortion as few bands today carry out.Panamaniacs perfectly summarizes the influences, evolution and effort of a Latin American band forgotten by punk where nobody cares or wants to. HEZ has always been there and will always be there even if you look the other way. PUNK.
Cover, back cover and insert art/design by Carlos Velásquez "CSM 101" (Bogotá), limited edition art by Juan Ospina (Barcelona)

Release of 500 copies, 100 of them limited in purple vinyl and alternative jacket art silkscreened in 2 inks at Artes Oscuras (Barcelona)

Black Vinyl

Released May 18, 2023