Komintern Sect - Dernier Combat LP

Komintern Sect - Dernier Combat LP

KOMINTERN SECT is a legendary French Oi! band that has been a massive influence on hundreds of bands to follow. Formed in 1980 in a small town south of Paris, they quickly gained a fan base with both punks and skins with their powerful, fist-in-the-air anthems. Their debut album came out in 1983, followed by the iconic1985 LP ‘Dernier Combat’ which stands out as one of the best all time French Oi! albums. It is for that reason, that this album can not be out of print and unavailable and is being re-issued at this time.

1. Sarabande
2. Le Années D’Acier
3. Dans Le Tribunes
4. Interlude
5. Quand Meurant Les Légendes
6. Nation Paienne

1. Amsterdam
2. Dernier Combat
3. La Crampe
4. Rêves De Liberté
5. De N’Est Qu’un Au Revoir
6. Tous Ensemble