Miss España - Niebla Mental LP

Miss España - Niebla Mental LP

La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk

Crowned with the grace and gift of synth-punk, these ladies champion the song of a sick, lost and decadent generation that, confused in its mental fog, no longer knows where it is going. Illuminated by the lights of the buttons of their amplifier, they wield their daggers in the form of instruments and attack the laziness of adult life.

In their arms they hold a bouquet of worries, dilemmas and anxieties that they endure based on orfidal, injections of dark melodies and vibrant bass lines.

Death, anxiety and pain parades down their catwalk to the rhythm of a deranged synthesizer and a galloping drums and groomed with a pop harmony, they present these ten songs where punk dresses in tragedy and rage and hysteria overflows.

-Paloma Serrano