Möney - Punk Demo 7"

Möney - Punk Demo 7"

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With several digital singles in recent years, the Bristol-based trio MÖNEY returns in 2023 to kick us in the face in sound format with 5 songs in which they dare to mix seemingly impossible sounds with an exceptional result. To begin with, the effect and sound of the guitar is typical of the current new eggpunk wave but with more melodious compositions and closer to postpunk with a wave of darkness and a new olero aftertaste, but at the same time all of this watered with a strong influence of Iberian punk. from the 80s in some of their songs. Yes, this combination sounds difficult to digest, but once you immerse yourself in Möney and his punk demo it is very difficult to get out.
Limited edition of 300 copies with 2-color silk-screened cover, including insert with lyrics printed with 2-color risography.

This album was recorded at our shed in May 2022 by Pablo Hass, Chicken Attack Records and Möney. Mixed by Chicken Attack Records and Möney with a lot of advice by Möne Disnoize (Impacto Sonico). Mastered by Chicken Attack and Pablo Hass. Artwork by Chicken Attack Records, Möney and Poder Adolescente.

This album represents the decline of Western culture as new ideas have been restricted; our only solution is to borrow ideas from the past. Tape Machine, Chorus, Saturation and Delay. Play loud and hate Neoliberalism.
released September 16, 2023

Dom - Guitar and Vocal
Ted - Bass and Vocal
Jake - Drum
Zeni - Vocal in “La Culpa”

Black vinyl