Ogro - La Marcha LP

Coming soon
Ogro - La Marcha LP

Mendeku Diskak

After a year in the making we can fucking finally annouce the release date of Bermeo's most savage, OGRO!!
This 12" contains 6 new songs on the A side plus the 6 songs of their debut tape released on May '21 on the B side. 12 tracks in total of punk brutality, the sonic result of keeping four maniacs locked in a cave and allowing them only to listen to the 4Skins, GBH and Hellhammer.
Mean, raw, nihilistic Punk Hardcore with various influences and lyrics in spanish about orcs marching onwards, physical violence, rusty makeshift blade weapons, living in caves, combat arts, BJJ, bonfires, breaking bones and throwing stones, fighting the occupier and resisting the empire with guerrilla warfare.