PMS-84 - Easy Way Out LP

PMS-84 - Easy Way Out LP

From Portland, OR.
After some demo/7"s they come back with new material ready for their European tour in April. 8 songs which consist in 6 new killer tracks and 2 songs re-recorded (ZERO TOLERANCE from the 2014 demo and GUILLOTINE from the 2016 demo).
With the change on vocals, now with Jesse (Koward) the band created a more aggressive sound.

Record comes in reverse printed cover on cut-paste artwork on black and white, xeroxed blue insert and handmade/stamped labels.

1. Last Laugh 02:00
2. Zero Tolerance 01:34
3. Meat 01:48
4. Easy Way Out 02:09
5. Instrumental 01:22
6. Ultimate End 02:09
7. Gaza 02:21
8. Guillotine 02:13