Poison Idea - Kings of Punk LP (PDX Edition)

Poison Idea - Kings of Punk LP (PDX Edition)

Out-of-print for nearly a decade, POISON IDEA's landmark 1986 debut album RETURNS in all its well-deserved glory.

TKO RECORDS could not be more delighted to FINALLY be able to present this newly remasterd edition of "KINGS OF PUNK" : inarguably one of the most important Hardcore Punk LPs of all time.

AND...for the first time since the original release, the impossibly rare friends and family "Portland Edition" version of "Kings Of Punk" has been faithfully reproduced for this reissue. At long last, all of us who weren't taking our lumps on the Satyricon dance floor back in '86 can now own a copy of the fabled "Portland Edition" without ransoming our firstborn to the dark forces of the Discogs marketplace.

Each copy includes:
-23" x 35" Black & White "Thanks" Poster
-23" x 29" 3-color "Band" Poster
-8.5" x 11" 16-page Lyric Booklet
-3.75" x 4.25" Black & White "Squeal Skull" Sticker

Housed in a wide-spine, full color direct-to-board printed LP jacket with spot varnish finish and craft interior, inside of a sealed 3 mil. poly outer sleeve.


2. Short Fuse
3. God Not God
4. Ugly American
5. Subtract

1. Cop An Attitude
2. Death Wish Kids
3. Made To Be Broken
4. Tormented Imp
5. One By One
6. Out Of The Picture