Prisonnier Du Temps - Comme Un Lion En Cage LP

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Prisonnier Du Temps - Comme Un Lion En Cage LP

Une Vie Pour Rien Records (Nantes, France) 2022

To make you sit up and listen right away – Prisonnier Du Temps is a new solo release by Jacky Cadio from Syndrome 81. Ever since they appeared on my radar I’ve been a fan and their album Prisons Imaginaires is one of the standout releases of they year, so to say I am excited about this record is something of an understatement.

Unlike most solo recordings – this is a full band-style recording, with guitars (lots of them), bass, drums, vocals and backing vocals – the full whack. There is plenty going on here – Mr Cadio must have been like a kid in a musical sweetshop – grabbing sonic treats left, right and centre. As well as a distinctive nod in the direction of Syndrome 81, there is a lot of melancholic guitar work that suggests either Wipers or later Blitz depending on the mood.

Chuck in some hardcore with an almost Tragedy vibe vocally, some meat-and-potatoes oi! a la Francaise and even a cover of The Cult for good measure and you have quite the collection. Just when I thought France had delivered everything they could musically this year, Jacky has released a fantastic finale - Tom Chapman

A1 Comme Un Lion En Cage
A2 Finir Comme Toi
A3 Lâché Par L'Etat
A4 La Rose Blanche
B1 Sans Espoir
B2 Marqué A Vie
B3 Perdu D'Avance
B4 Même Mon Âme