Red Alert - We’ve Got The Power LP

Red Alert - We’ve Got The Power LP

Reissue of the debut album by Red Alert, a true UK streetpunk classic originally released by No Future Records in 1983. The cover is slightly different from the first edition and the inner sheet contains other previously unpublished photos, all taken in the same photoshoot that were used for the original design. Reissue limited to 500 copies.


A1 - We've Got The Power
A2 - Crisis
A3 - Weekend Warfare
A4 - They Came In Force
A5 - Rebels In Society
A6 - Third And Final
A7 - You've Got Nothing

B1 - S.P.G.
B2 - Foreign Affairs
B3 - Campaign
B4 - The Art Of Brutality
B5 - Smash Your Chains
B6 - Industrial Slide
B7 - It's Me Boy