Sta. Cruz - S/T 7”

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Sta. Cruz - S/T 7”

Another great band from the town of Bermeo!!!
These 4 tracks were released in june on a self-released demo tape and now we are doing a beautiful vinyl version.
Great bare-knuckle rock'n'roll mixed with punk/oi! influences, raw and unpolished sonic aggression, perfect soundtrack for street brawls and barfights. Raspy vocals, chainsaw guitars with awesome riffing, pummeling rhythm section with great basslines and full of tricks drum work.
This is music from the guts!!

Pressing information:
-308 copies in black vinyl (This version)
-98 copies in red vinyl
-105 copies in white vinyl
-20 test pressing copies with hand-stamped labels and hand-numbered special jackets with alternate art by Pedropa.

Art by Andoni De La Cruz
Recorded by Jonza Ibarrangelo