Tatxers - S/T LP

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Tatxers - S/T LP

After their groundbreaking single "Hiruzpalau Amets Larri" and their participation in the compilations "Kaosa Euskal Herrian" and "Chaos in Basque Country", the band from Navarre TATXERS presents their first full-length made up of 11 new songs!

Limited edition of 1,400 copies (800 black, 300 yellow and 300 white).
Includes DinA2 size insert with the lyrics of the songs.

Released April 14, 2023

Jon Salinas: bass, vocals
Martin Ciriza: guitar, vocals
Inigo Soria: Drums

Recording, mixing: Iñigo Irazoki (Atala Studio)
Master: Joel Kerr, Gene Paul (G&J Audio)
Designs: Andoni de la Cruz, Julen Alberdi
Released by: Tough Ain't Enough records and Flexidiscos