TS Warspite - Stop The Rot 12”

TS Warspite - Stop The Rot 12”

Progression was meant to be seen as a remedy rather than a symptom of sickness – the year is 2022 and all that’s left is the idea that things cannot possibly get worse. Stop the Rot is where the line is drawn. An attention economy of constant surveillance, mounts of data and the desire for perpetual war amongst everyone has meant there might not be anywhere else left to go at the point the absurdity of modern life becomes apparent.

T.S. Warspite channel their message through a unique musical recipe that answers the question no one asked: What if Bad Religion grew up in Manchester in the 2000s? Made up of some long standing and productive members of the local scene, this sounds like friendship and experience, and some refreshing as fuck hardcore.

Singer Marco Abbatiello weaves expertly through scenes of pulp reality where everything is fleeting and only some things stick. What’s left is a farcical montage of things that have rushed past you with no real sense of direction. Personally and politically, it’s all the same wretched soup of societal collapse and the rise of the technocracies. Do yourself a favour and play this through your Tesla microchip and light your Molotov.

Quality Control HQ
500 on pink vinyl
Comes with full colour square insert, black poly lined inner sleeve and reverse board card outer sleeve