UXB - Westworld Crisis LP

UXB - Westworld Crisis LP

Demons Run Amok

UxB is a new band formed by the members and driving force behind the influential punk band US Bombs. After parting ways with original vocalist over conflicting political views in 2015, Kerry Martinez (Shattered Faith, Bad Luck Charms) Wade Walston (Suburbia, DI, Agent Orange) Chip Hanna (One Man Army, Weirdos, TSOL) have teamed up with legendary front man and show stealing performer Jesse Wagner (The Aggrolites).

The result is extraordinary. With their timeless old school song writing, blistering guitars, and vocals, UxB’s debut album West World Crisis is destined to be a classic. The album’s overall theme is about the world’s current climate and technology’s influence. Songs from the album’s title track “West World Crisis” to “Only Life” are lyrics that remind all of us to step back while songs like “Dance live Dance” and “Cosmic Reaction (She’s so Real”) tell us to enjoy life while we can and find love in the simple things around us.

Overall UxB is a coming together of amazing songwriters, superb musicians and excellent vocals that is sure to excite punk fans for years to come.