Wiggin’ Out 4 + Eyeteeth Flexi

Wiggin’ Out 4 + Eyeteeth Flexi

Crew Cuts Records

Wiggin' Out 4 is here!
Another chunky zine full of hardcore punk content. Including interviews with Diall, Eyeteeth, Juicebox, Middleman, Pleasure, Self Immolation Music, Illiterates and Headcheese.
This edition comes with a flexi from northern power violence heavies Eyeteeth.

Eyeteeth are relentless and terrifying - just like all great hardcore SHOULD be! Dark powerviolence from people who have been in just about every notable straightedge hardcore band in the UK from the 2000s onwards. The FOUR tracks on this flexi (how the fuck do you manage that many?!) call to mind the powerviolence/grind gods Despise You mixed with some solid old school death metal riffage for an extra punch in the chops. Goofiness DOES NOT abound with Eyeteeth - these tracks cover religion, drugs, and British colonialism. No gimmicks. No trends. Just pure, fast as fuck hardcore that holds a knife to the throat of modern British society. - Hamish