The Coldest Zine - Issue #2

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The Coldest Zine - Issue #2

The Coldest Issue # 2

52 pages. 8.5 X 11. Black and white. Glossy.

Union printed by Nero Ink on South Side of Chicago.


-A history of the Two Tone shop, a store in Passaic, New Jersey (USA) that existed from 1979-2008 and catered to the punk, skinhead and goth subcultures.

-Interview with The British Northern Soul Club (Chicago), a regular soul night in Chicago started by two veterans from the original UK Northern Soul scene

-Interview with Marty, a skinhead who was involved in the Skinheads of Chicago (SHOC), as well as Anti-Racist Action (ARA) about the Chicago scene during the 1990s.

-Show photos of Conservative Military Image, Fear City, Violent Way, Fuerza Bruta, Claimed Choice and Spat

-An account about working as a day laborer in Minneapolis, MN (USA)

-Reviews of books, zines, comics and music

-Film photography taken during the early part of the COVID pandemic

-Original art by James Conatser